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Although we’ve been doing embroidery work for several years on a part time basis, in 2016, we purchased a successful small business based in Burlington, NC called Monograms and Logos from a very fine gentleman named Phil Laughlin. Phil had been offering quality embroidery services for many years and was ready to retire. He allowed us to step in and eventually purchase and take over his business. We have since been operating on a full-time schedule. It was not only a pleasure working with him and his family, but an honor to continue working for his awesome customers, who graciously gave us a chance to continue his legacy. We are proud to say that his customers stuck by us, and with us through the transition. They have since helped us to grow the business giving us more and more work, while we constantly seek to earn the business of new customers!


Like Monograms & Logos, we are a small, family-owned business that we operate from a studio at our home in Gibsonville, NC. At Perfectly Threaded, we strive to meet all your embroidery needs. Whether it be logo apparel for your organization, monogrammed items for someone special, or that "something different" gift you can't buy at the store, our family is here to serve you.


It is our desire to offer quality products at a reasonable price with exceptional customer service. Whether wearing, carrying, using, or admiring them, we hope that our service and products will first and foremost bring a smile to their recipients, and promote a confident attitude of the uniqueness that lies in each of us!


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